How is your website?

Your church website is one of the most important places you will invest your finances. Prior to coming through the doors of your church, most people will visit your website to learn about the culture of your church, the ministries you offer and the events taking place.  It is vital that your website be simple to use, mobile friendly, and aligned with your brand. Many churches have an old, outdated website and aren’t ready to offer a welcoming face to visitors. 

That’s where we come in. We will partner with your team to create an attractive website that presents you as a modern and relevant voice in your community. We’ll work with your leaders to create site structure and design. The site will be highly interactive and updating your site in the future will be simple and user-friendly. 

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    Website Design Services:


    We will take your leadership team through a 2-hour discovery workshop designed to clarify your specific needs, expectations, and opportunities when it comes to your website. 

    Theme Selection

    We will work with your team to select the perfect theme to match your brand. We will review a variety of site layouts and find the perfect one to match your personality. 

    Sitemap Navigation

    We will create a custom tailored sitemap for your new website. This sitemap will determine the user flow and experience while visiting your site.

    Content Strategy

    We will work with your team to collect the right content for placement on your site. From images to sermon audio files to videos, we will create the right content strategy to make your content easy to access throughout your site. 

    Site Design

    We will create a design that you will be proud to share. Your design will include fresh and relevant imaging mixed with pieces of your own church’s DNA. We will present the design to you and make revisions until its ready to be built. 

    Build & Launch

    Once you have approved the site design and layout, we will build the site and walk you through launch. After it’s launched and tested, we’ll hand the keys over to you. Each of our sites is built with user-friendly interfaces for simple site updates. 

    Tell your
    story well

    Communicating a clear and compelling brand to your community will increase the power of your story. We will clarify your message and engage all social media channels to increase visibility and the influence of your brand.

    Church Website Design

    Church websites shouldn’t cost a fortune. We work with small to medium-sized churches to update your online footprint and create a website that accurately reflects the culture of your church. We will walk through a process of development, design, and implementation to tell your story well.

    Social Media
    Marketing For Churches

    Social media marketing is the most cost-effective way to connect with the people in your community. For pennies per connection, you can deliver a custom message to individuals and families who you would have otherwise never had the opportunity to meet and invite to join your movement.