What is your brand identity?

As Pastors, we’ve all had this question come up, “What is your church about?”

Do you find yourself wishing you could tell the story of your church in a clear way? Do you wish you had powerful, articulate language to communicate where your church has come from, where you are going, and what is important to you? Most pastors don’t think they have the time, energy or finances to walk through a process of clarifying their church’s brand identity. That’s where we come in!

We work with churches across America, to clarify the messaging around their story. This includes vision, mission, purpose, values, brand story, brand personality, target audience personalities, communication plans, key messaging and many other powerful tools. We help you tell your story in a dynamic way that engages the people God is calling you to reach – and we do it at a price that is realistic and affordable for normal churches.

We are here to help! First, we will help create a clear brand using innovative design to reinforce your identity. Then, we will broadcast your brand across popular public-facing social channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and others. 

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    Brand Clarity & Alignment Services:

    Brand Workshops

    We will walk your key leaders through a 2-hour online workshop to discuss your church’s vision, mission, purpose, organizational personality, brand archetypes and target audience personas. 

    Key Messaging

    After completion of your Brand Workshop, we will create specific messaging to each of your key audiences. These key messages will be powerful tools that will increase engagement with your community. 

    Social Channel Audit

    We will examine the posting frequency, messaging, and page branding of each of your church’s social media channels. They will then be updated to reflect the new branding and key messaging created during your brand workshop and key messaging process. The end result will be a unified presence across all channels of communication. 

    What are other churches saying?

    • From the beginning of our project, we have been impressed with Design for Churches’ professionalism, timeliness, and sense of ministry engagement as we work together. Specifically, the branding workshop was of tremendous help to our evangelism/branding team. Design for Churches’ program was easy to engage while prompting us to think deeply about our identity and mission in Jesus Christ. I would definitely recommend Design for Churches to any church that is seeking how to better share their unique mission for the gospel of Christ.

      Pastor Kevin
      Covenant Presbyterian Church
    • We are so grateful for Design for Churches helping us to better understand who we are and more importantly how to communicate our unique identity to our community! Imagine being able to clearly and concisely describe what your church is about with a single sentence – it is amazing! Now we are on the same page. Our communication from the stage to print to web to social media are coming together for greater impact. We couldn’t be more pleased and I highly recommend Design for Churches!

      Pastor Darrell
      Upwards Church
    • It was enlightening as Design for Churches led us through the discovery workshop and we became more aware of who we are as a church and how God has uniquely placed us in our community. The sense of unity we felt in the process was amazing!

      Pastor Michael
      Redmond Community Church

    Tell your
    story well

    Communicating a clear and compelling brand to your community will increase the power of your story. We will clarify your message and engage all social media channels to increase visibility and the influence of your brand.

    Church Website Design

    Church websites shouldn’t cost a fortune. We work with small to medium-sized churches to update your online footprint and create a website that accurately reflects the culture of your church. We will walk through a process of development, design, and implementation to tell your story well.

    Social Media
    Marketing For Churches

    Social media marketing is the most cost-effective way to connect with the people in your community. For pennies per connection, you can deliver a custom message to individuals and families who you would have otherwise never had the opportunity to meet and invite to join your movement.